• IRIS Multi Color Earlum

    No piercings needed!
    Made with gold or silver wire and multicolor glass beads.

    prices from $19.99

  • ATTITUDE Chained Earrings

    Great earring set for any occasion.
    Different & Unique
    prices from $13.99

  • SKY Earlum

    No piercings needed!
    Entirely hand worked, Swarovski Crystals.
    Handcrafted in the USA, with passion and uniqueness.

    prices from $14.99



 Earlums Ear Cuff Wrap Jewelry

Home of one of a kind, original, unique ear jewelry made in USA. Non pierced, form fitted ear jewelry made to stay put and hug the ear in a way that will give the illusion of multiple piercings. Simple earrings, cartilage earrings, helix cuffs, compression earrings and more…. Stylish unique ear jewelry for those women  and men with and without pierced ears. Made with  golden or silver wire, glass pearls, crystals, beads and more…There is no soldering, no gluing, and no welding. Each piece is individually handcrafted so slight differences in size and shapes, is to be expected. Made for people with or without piercings, all our handmade jewelry is amazing, unique and unusual.

People tell us they have never seen this type of  ear jewelry and now that they found us they are getting hooked. Our customers are amazing and we love the reviews, testimonials, emails, and the comments we get on our Earlums.com website, Amazon, Etsy and Facebook. Purchase with confidence our amazing, unique and original handmade jewelry.  Accessorize yourself with our products today, and enjoy the compliments!

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